You can contact us by telephone at all hours. If you get the recording, it means we either have our hands full of birds or we are out. Please leave us a detailed message, including your telephone number. As the quality of telephone service can vary widely in the Powell River region, please speak clearly, so we can return your call.

If you are contacting us about a bird in distress, please telephone us. We do not check texts or emails until the end of the day, so you could wait a long time!

As a wildlife hospital, we are not open for public tours of the facilities. Our wild patients are often very stressed and weak, and visitors will not speed their recovery. If you are dropping off a bird, please call first to make sure someone is here to receive it. Leaving the bird at the door can be risky!


5772 Willow Ave.
Powell River, BC
V8A 4P7




Facebook: PowellRiverOrphanedWildLifeSociety