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Barred owl spends day at PROWLS after collision with window

Barred owl

The visual size of a barred owl (48 centimetres, wingspan 107 centimetres) is misleading. It is mostly feathers with a small body hidden within.

For this reason, strong winds play havoc with them, easily blowing them wildly about.

One flew into a glass door in Westview, was knocked out, and needed time to recover at Powell River Orphaned Wildlife Society.

Becoming conscious in the kitchen while being checked over and not yet in a kennel, it promptly bit PROWLS founder and president Merrilee Prior, who was not expecting its vigour and unprepared to hold this strong and large armful.

It first flew to the top of the cupboard and then into the window. Captured again and evaluated to be without injury, it was placed in a flight cage outside where it continued its efforts at destruction and escape.

The owl was kept another day because of a storm coming with strong winds.

Normally, the barred owl is nocturnal. It was released in the evening, a time of less light and more conducive to hunting with no reflections from glass windows and doors.