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Determined robin overcomes severe neck strain at PROWLS

American robin

ALPHA ROBIN: This fledgling robin miraculously survived a collision with an object that twisted its head so hard that it was pressed into its shoulder when the bird arrived as a patient at the Powell River Orphaned Wildlife (PROWLS) clinic in the kitchen of founder and president Merrilee Prior.

Hungry and determined to survive, the robin with a severely kinked neck was determined to be an alpha robin among three of its fledgling peers when they were all placed into a flight cage together.

It was still able to fly, although often landing and flying precariously off balance.

The young bird chased worms and food in its flight cage with gusto.

Still a nestling and growing fast, day by day the neck appeared to be slowly straightening out.

Window and windshield injuries are one of the most frequent reasons why birds become PROWLS patients and can cause a wide range of injuries from concussions to broken necks and shoulders, to name just a few.