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Eurasian collared dove rehabilitates at PROWLS after collision with window

Eurasian collared dove

As this Eurasian collared dove flew to escape a hawk, a Powell River resident saw it fly into a window.

It had just eaten and the impact of the collision caused the bird’s crop to split open, revealing its recent feast.

The dove was taken to see Dr. Barnes at Westview Veterinary Hospital the next day because it was unable to eat.

Visualize a slit throat; it was the same thing. Except that if you’re a bird, a veterinarian staples together the crop, leaving the skin flaps to aerate and heal separately for a bit longer.

Wired for survival, the dove pecked at super small seeds and pellets, which could pass through a stapled-up crop.

After a week’s worth of antibiotics, the crop was knitting together and the bird was recovering and ready for rehabilitation in a flight cage at Powell River Orphaned Wildlife Society.