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Four juncos recover at PROWLS

Dark-eyed junco

Powell River Orphaned Wildlife Society cared for a total of 407 birds last summer, plus a bear cub, a bat, fawns and raccoons. This was an increase from 362 the previous year.

Because of early migration, fall numbers were fewer than expected given the summer increase.

Most recently four Juncos (three males plus one female) arrived individually but all had been caught by cats. While foraging on the ground for seeds, they are particularly vulnerable to attack. The female was badly injured with cartilage from her breast bone actually protruding.

After being on a course of antibiotics indoors, in separate cages, all four then moved together into an outdoor flight cage. They were keen to escape and were soon released on site.

As soon as the escape hatch was opened, they were gone, with the female leading the way.