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Injured hawk recovers PROWLS before trip to Delta

Sharp-shinned hawk

AGILE HAWK: This young sharp-shinned hawk, able to turn tight corners in flight as it pursues its prey, crashed hard against a window and was knocked out.

Once with Powell River Orphaned Wildlife Society, an experienced volunteer who was unable to feel its breast bone (keel) remarked on what a healthy, fat hawk it was.

The keel quickly begins to protrude when hunger or stress sets in and many birds arrive at PROWLS with the keel visually evident.

Upon arrival at Orphaned Wildlife Rehabilitation Society in Delta, and being in such good health and very annoyed, this large (for a sharp-shinned) female quickly attacked the staff there.

A fractured clavicle was discovered during its examination. Both wings were then wrapped firmly, holding them close to its body and preventing further damage when attempts to fly were unsuccessfully made.

She gradually moved into larger cages, until she was flying fit, then she returned to Powell River for release when healed.

This is a dangerous time of year for all young birds raised in the woods and now arriving in cities seeking shelter and food during the winter.

Windows without protective film of some sort are killers. Vehicles are another unknown danger for them.