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PROWLS attempts to save unconscious bat

Little brown bat

HANDLED WITH CARE: A Wildwood resident who found a little brown bat alive but sprawled unconscious on a concrete patio called Powell River Orphaned Wildlife Society president Merrilee Prior for help.

Merrilee took precaution handling the bat, placing a plastic bucket over it and then inverting both the pail and the bat with the help of the lid.

At PROWLS the bat was moved into a wire suet container and placed under a heat lamp. When it became consciousness, the bat grabbed onto the wire frame with its little claws.

Eventually it was double-boxed for its flight by helicopter to BC SPCA Wild Animal Rehabilitation Centre (Wild ARC) in Victoria.

The prognosis was not good. Its behaviour indicated neurological damage and it died after two days.

This is a serious reminder and warning to responsible cat owners to vaccinate their cat(s) against rabies. Bat teeth and claws are very sharp and small; bites and scratches may not be painful or visible.

Any contact with bat saliva can infect an unvaccinated cat, which can then be stroked or played with by unsuspecting children and adults.

Rabies is quickly and easily transmitted by touch. All cuts or exposed mucous membranes (eyes, mouth, and nose) on all mammals are vulnerable to infection.

Birds cannot get rabies.