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PROWLS facilitates transfer of multiple ducklings in need of care

Baby ducks

First there was an orphaned merganser, only one day old, swimming by itself on Lois Lake. It was healthy but wouldn’t survive alone. Rescued by PROWLS, it was quickly sent over to MARS Wildlife Rescue in Merville, which has proper duck care facilities.

Then there was wood duckling number one on Cranberry Lake, brought to its owners by their cat. It had a scratch, was put on antibiotics and sent off to MARS.

Wood duckling number two followed, found by the same cat who this time dropped it into an empty indoor bathtub. The homeowner found it when she heard some scratching, resulting in more antibiotics and another trip to MARS.

Then there were the 11 mallard ducklings that fell into a storm drain. The poor mother duck had walked across the drain grate with no problem but all the tiny day-old ducklings fell through the spaces between the bars.

By the time 10 were rescued the mother had vanished. These 10 were also welcomed by MARS.

MARS took in more mergansers and wood ducklings, in spite of the struggle and impressive efforts to keep up with the ever-increasing number of animals in trouble.

MARS is in the midst of expanding its duck rehabilitation pens and ponds and gratefully welcomes all donations via