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PROWLS untangles ‘caught’ barred owl

Barred owl

Just before dawn, movement in the dark caught a homeowner’s attention as he made his way to his shop near Kelly Creek. Upon investigation, he discovered a little barred owl, badly tangled in a fishing line. He worked for an hour trying to untangle the bird but had limited success, as the owl fought hard.

To avoid causing the owl further distress, he called Powell River Orphaned WildLife Society president Merrilee Prior, who soon arrived. She wrapped the cold and wet little bird up in a towel for the trip back to PROWLS.

Further inspection revealed the fishing line was so tightly wrapped around its neck that more probing and cutting was required. Finally disentangled, this exhausted owl needed a rest.

Even though the feathers were badly battered, along with some blood and damage to one wing, that would be cared for later. It was placed in a quiet kennel and offered a calm sanctuary along with three mice. Eventually he settled and gobbled down his meal.

The next day, after working at getting some of the debris out of his feathers (there was a lot), Merrilee sent him to Orphaned Wildlife Rehabilitation Society (OWL) in Delta via Pacific Coastal Airlines.

The feathers were a concern, but the real issue was its left wing. While not fractured, the owl was not using it, so he will be with them for a while.

Barred owls hunt by night and can be discovered more easily by their rustling movements in the dark than by a human’s eyesight. They are very comfortable sitting totally still for very long periods of time.