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Raven recovers at new PROWLS flight cage

Common raven

This raven arrived at PROWLS in October 2018 with avian pox, weak and almost blind. Both claws and eyes were covered with crusty lesions.

Six months later, completely recovered from the often fatal pox, it had become reluctant to leave, entertaining himself by methodically dismantling his outdoor enclosure.

Great efforts were made to encourage the raven to fly, including attaching jesses (ankle straps with long lightweight rope) to his claws and hurling him up into the sky. He simply refused to fly and promptly undid the complicated attachment at the ankle.

Until its ability to fly is evident, he cannot be released.

Then a new volunteer offered access to a large building. With the addition of a few perches, food containers and water, the raven is now spreading its wings.

PROWLS president Merrilee Prior goes over to the new enclosure twice a day to chase this reluctant raven. With more space and his own impatience, he is now flying, even exercising on his own. Soon he will be released, a rare recovery story from the pox.

This new flight cage also offers great possibilities for the future, expanding the range of PROWLS ability to provide complete rehabilitation here within Powell River.