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Ravens find refuge at PROWLS


RAVEN HAVEN: Springtime ravens are recovering at the Powell River Orphaned Wildlife Society (PROWLS) raven haven near Cranberry Lake. They arrived as nestlings over the last few months, each at a different stage of recovery.

Two that fell from a nest by the old Cranberry schoolhouse are doing very well and will soon be released in the area. A third, found sitting on the back of a balcony deck chair near Joyce and Westview avenues, is now learning to be a raven, which the other two are demonstrating very well.

Still presenting a problem is a Tla’amin raven with a broken wing that had healed crooked and cannot fly. PROWLS is hoping time will provide a solution.

here are still two more ravens in what is now called the raven’s bedroom at PROWLS. One had two broken wings that were wrapped to facilitate healing and the second is a Savary Island raven with a leg that has broken three times in sequence. The last break was splinted by Dr. Barnes at Westview Veterinary Hospital, hoping for a third-time-lucky result. These two get along with each other and play wiffle ball scramble together.

Young birds are fond of playing games with sticks, repeatedly dropping them, then diving to catch them in midair.

Male ravens can be recognized by their horns, which are special tufts of feathers that they raise when alarmed.