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Spotted towhee regains strength at PROWLS

Spotted towhee

CONCUSSION PROTOCOL: Hit by a car and badly concussed, this spotted towhee with glowing red-ember eyes was dropped off at Westview Veterinary Hospital before it came to Powell River Orphaned Wildlife Society.

Very dozy, it was kept quiet in low light with plenty of food. In nature the towhee feeds by scratching the ground under bushes vigorously with both claws at once, making the leaves fly high.

Always moving, it is not picky and eats bugs, seeds, caterpillars and berries.

Although the towhee does not flock, it is compatible with other bird types. After three days convalescence, it was moved to the larger flight cage already inhabited by two recovering robins to help lower its stress level. After three more days, the escape hatch was opened.

Behaviour at this point is never predictable; sometimes it can take a few days before a rescued bird will decide to leave. Some will leave and return for seed.

This towhee and fellow robins left quickly. Then two hummingbirds flew in through the same opening and could not find their way out. They had to be caught to be released.