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Spring sprung: PROWLS picks up 4 birds before noon!

Fox sparrow

Just to get us in the Spring mood, we picked up 4 birds before noon last Wednesday; a fox sparrow that hit a window, a robin that hit a window, a varied thrush that was found stunned near a window and a starling found in a chicken coop with a bad head injury. That afternoon we also took in a dark-eyed junco that had hit a window.

The robin was fine the first two days and then suddenly died. Head injuries can be so unforgiving. The other birds are improving and we hope to release them soon.

For all those people who are suffering with birds hitting your windows, stay tuned! PROWLS will soon have an amazing solution to share with you! In the meantime, if a bird hits your window and is unconscious for even a couple of minutes put it in a covered box and call us.

Head trauma in birds, like concussion in hockey players, often shows up later, and if they have been turned loose they suffer a cruel death out there. Call us, and give the birds a chance to survive!