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Virginia rail rests and recovers at PROWLS

Virginia rail

THIN AS A RAIL: Seen head on, the Virginia rail’s body appears very narrow. Seen from the side, it looks plump.

This body shape helps with mobility through the long marsh grasses.

The Virginia rail is highly secretive and easily stressed.

After being hit by a car, this one was rescued by a walker who picked it up from the middle of the street.

Found to be bruised and concussed, but with nothing broken, it needed quiet and safety.

After two days at Powell River Orphaned Wildlife Society, when showing signs of alertness, it was moved to an outdoor cage containing a tall, thick clump of grasses to help it feel hidden and safe.

After three more days, when it was able to fly again, it was released at Duck Lake, where it quickly headed for a thick mud bank, making its lovely long toes all wet and sticky.