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PROWLS reminds residents to leave fawns alone

Deer fawn

Only rarely do fawns need human help. The mothers have to forage for food and can be gone for up to six hours.

During this time the fawn, waiting quietly, may need to get up and stretch but will soon settle down again.

Fawns have no scent and do not attract predators. If truly concerned, humans should stay well back and watch, even coming back a second time to verify earlier observations rather than interfering without true cause.

If there are signs of injury, for example: blood, call Powell River Orphaned Wildlife Society (604.483.9787) or BC Conservation Officer Service (877.952.7277) first to help assess the situation. Imagine the mother’s panic when she returns and is unable to find her fawn.

If something has truly happened to the mother, the fawn will be crying for food.

This little girl’s mother was hit by a car.

If actually orphaned or injured, any fawns that are rescued in Powell River have to be sent away as we have no facilities for rehabilitation. They will not be returned here upon recovery.

Please, do not touch the fawns.