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Baby squirrel receives care at PROWLS

Douglas squirrel

FURRY FIND: Found by campers at Kent’s Beach, this very young Douglas squirrel, with its eyes not even open, only wanted to be fed formula with a syringe and return to curling up in his snug tightly crocheted nest, made by Wildlife Rescue Nests.

Possibly pulled from their nest by a hawk, two siblings lay dead beside him and there was no sign of the mother.

Given a heating pad and fed regularly, the youngster grew quietly, his eyes opened and he began to experiment with the natural foods he was offered between formula meals, hungrily eating berries, nuts and vegetables. But, like other infant mammals, mostly he slept, sucking his thumb while curled up in his nest.

All grown up after one month of intensive care, the squirrel was ready to go. He was running around his cage and eating his natural diet, with no more treats from Powell River Orphaned Wildlife Society president Merrilee Prior.

He was released at Saltery Bay picnic grounds, south of Powell River, close to where he had fallen from the nest.

The cage door was opened but he seemed uncertain and even reluctant to leave. Eventually, and slowly, he came out, first sitting on the side of the cage, and then scampering off along the log.

Finally, he was picked up and placed on a large tree trunk, and he climbed steadily, disappearing into the foliage.