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Concussed rufous hummingbird yearns for freedom

Rufous hummingbird

It cannot be stressed enough how tough rufous hummingbirds can be.

Within three days of being concussed after flying into a window, this little female was anxious to be released.

The miniature warrior gripped the bars of her cage at Powell River Orphaned Wildlife Society and pressed against them, reaching out with her long beak, trying to use her will to melt or break the bars so she could escape her captivity.

Three days later, when the cage door opened for her release, she flew up and out of sight within three seconds.

She would have arrived from the mountains of central Mexico and, with luck, hatched two nestlings this spring in Powell River.

Some rufous hummingbirds migrate past Powell River as far north as Alaska.

This mature female weighed seven grams when she took off, less than one quarter of an ounce.