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Geese receive treatment at PROWLS

Canada goose

ALL IN THE FAMILY: A fuzzy little gosling, about two weeks old, was caught by a dog at Haywire Bay Campground. Powell River Orphaned Wildlife Society president Merrilee Prior received a call from a passerby who had scooped it up.

The next two weeks of its life were spent at PROWLS recovering from the shock.

Released back at Haywire Bay, it was still fuzzy but now its adult colours were beginning to show. It immediately knew where it was.

Jumping out of the cage, running down to the water, splashing all about and calling out with many “peep, peep, peeps,” it was welcomed back with calls from its family.

A second goose needed attention a week later; it was the little gosling’s mother. She was dragging her leg as she tried to walk, unable to put weight on it.

A teacher with the Outdoor Learning Centre called and Merrilee warned him to beware of the goose’s sharp beak with a serrated edge. Upon her arrival at the learning centre, they discovered fishing line wound so tightly around the leg that the flesh was deeply cut right to the bone.

Fortunately the ligament at the front was not cut through. Using scissors on his Swiss Army knife, the teacher and Merrilee were able to remove all the line.

The goose then travelled to PROWLS for two weeks of rest, after which she could once again put weight on the leg. The skin had grown back but there was a big scar.

Upon her return to Haywire Bay, she was more dignified than her gosling. Stepping out of the cage, she slowly looked around, marched down to the water, swam out a good distance and took her bath in safety, with much splashing.

Her family and flock welcomed her back with happy honking.