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PROWLS attends to grounded eagle

Bald eagle

REHABILITATED RAPTOR: A large female bald eagle without any evident injury was noticed just sitting on the ground for an extended period of time near Branch 41. She was very well-fed from the fish farms on Lois Lake.

Bald eagles are tolerant of human activity when feeding, and may congregate around fish-processing plants. But she was not moving at all, even as some campers, then PROWLS, approached her, which indicated something was seriously wrong.

Having sought shelter under downed branches, she eventually fought hard not to be caught, using both her massive wings (wing span begins at two metres) and sharp lethal claws.

Once back at PROWLS, she was prepared for a courtesy flight on Pacific Coastal Airlines to Delta, where she was picked up by volunteers from OWL (Orphaned Wildlife Rehabilitation Society), BC’s raptor specialists.

Not finding any obvious injuries, OWL decided there must be soft tissue damage and began physical rehabilitation to build up her strength. After five weeks she returned to PROWLS and was taken back to Lois Lake for release.

Still uncooperative, she would not come out of her kennel. After much continual shaking and rattling, she finally came out and took off, landing high in a tree.

Soon a male appeared, landing in a nearby tree, obviously her mate. The two impressive birds of prey sat companionably in nearby trees, waiting for the intruders to leave, which we did promptly, wishing them luck in the future.