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PROWLS feeds and cares for young Swainson’s thrush

Swainson's thrush

THRUSH CREATES HUSH: Standing on the road at Jack’s Boat Yard in Lund, this very young Swainson’s thrush had barely opened its eyes and was half bald.

It was taken to the SPCA, who then called Powell River Orphaned Wildlife Society (PROWLS) president Merrilee Prior. She picked it up and brought it back to PROWLS, where it was initially fed formula, eventually followed by a diet of insects, berries and pellets.

In nature the Swainson’s thrush is a gleaner, quickly picking off everything along a stalk.

After 17 days of care, all feathered and fit, it was released in time for the migration at Haslam Lake, where there are many other Swainson’s thrushes, all whistling their upward spiralling flutelike songs. To listen to a thrush creates a hush within.

Sitting on the threshold of the release cage, it first looked at Merrilee, then out at the trees, looked back again at Merrilee, seemingly acknowledging her help, and finally flew off to join its community.