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PROWLS finds friend for nestling merlin

Nesting merlin

Found at Willingdon Beach by the Beach Hut, this nestling merlin had clawed 20 feet up a tree on the strength of his beak and talons.

This bird knew it needed to get back to its nest. The rather intimidating downy and fluffy merlin needed to be shipped off to a proper flight and rehabilitation centre as soon as possible.

A nestling merlin will imprint on its caretaker within 48 hours, so Powell River Orphaned Wildlife Society put it on the next available Pacific Coastal Airlines flight to Vancouver, where it was picked up by a volunteer from Orphaned Wildlife Rehabilitation Society in Delta.

Two other Powell River nestlings and a foster parent were at that location to help all three youngsters set their identities and roles in life straight, namely feeding upon small birds while in mid-flight.

The merlin is a raptor increasingly moving into and taking advantage of urban settings.