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PROWLS helps cedar waxwing toward happy ending

Cedar waxwing

GALA DINNER RESCUE: An update on the cedar waxwing fledgling: he has gone.

The young beauty turned out to be frustrated in the winter space he had to share with six other birds that had missed their migration, and became quite the bully. The others refused to worship the waxwing as much as he felt he deserved.

Powell River Orphaned Wildlife Society president Merrilee Prior contacted Wild ARC in Victoria, which had two others the same age, and also had large flocks still in the area.

So, Junior was sent off, with a view to being released very soon.

On arrival, Wild ARC did a quick check to make sure Junior was in good shape, then released him with their two. He looked around, then flew up and landed on a branch between the other two, where he was accepted right away.

This is the happiest of endings for the very young bird caught by a cat the day of our gala dinner.