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PROWLS helps struggling beaver


BAFFLED BEAVER: At a lake near Earls Cove, this beaver had been attacked by a dog. It made its escape into the water and swam away. Days went by before it swam over to a campsite on the lake, allowing the people to see its wounds, seemingly asking for help.

A man waded in and gently picked up the ailing beaver, then called for help. PROWLS was asked if we would take it and we were happy to do so. Arrangements were made to get it over to Saltery Bay and then straight into Westview Veterinary Hospital.

There was some initial concern at the clinic about being bitten by the beaver (its teeth were impressive!) but it was not really an issue because beavers are vegans.

First shaving through its thick fur to gain access to the wounds, Dr. Barnes, with PROWLS president Merrilee Prior and Naomi gently restraining the large animal, removed countless maggots and continually flushed out the wounds with an antimicrobial liquid. Thoroughly cleaned, the prognosis was guarded but hopeful. With daily wound care and antibiotics, the wounds should heal with time.

Underweight and being fed a special formula, survival will depend on it regaining its strength. It was soon sent off to the experts at MARS Wildlife Rescue Centre in Merville. We anticipate its return.