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PROWLS relocates family of Muscovy ducks

Muscovy duck family

With so few calls coming in, PROWLS president Merrilee Prior was happy to respond to a call from BC SPCA about a Muscovy duck with a bunch of ducklings, even though they are not wildlife.

The duck had chosen a very bad place to nest and hatch her little ones: at the dusty corner of the logging road close to the Timberlane track.

With no water for a very long way and no real food source without trying to get them across both roads, they were fortunate a walker noticed their predicament. The ducklings were the size and weight of a cotton ball.

Fortunately, Mother Duck stayed with her newly hatched babies, and Merrilee easily caught her with a butterfly net. She was put in a kennel, while the finder and Merrilee scooped up the 10 ducklings and put them in the net.

When they were deposited in the kennel with their mom, she hustled them to the back and threatened anyone who tried to look.

The family was taken to a good home with other ducks, where they immediately headed for the water. Mom really enjoyed that bath!

The family swam around for a few minutes, then came back up onto the grass for some sun and relaxation after their rescue ordeal.