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PROWLS rescues injured turkey vulture

Turkey vulture

SPECIALIZED TREATMENT: After receiving a call about an injured bird on Duck Lake Road, four Powell River Orphaned Wildlife Society members drove out to rescue it. After an hour and a half search they were unable to find the bird and gave up.

PROWLS founder and president Merrilee Prior returned the next day for a final check and there it was, sitting right in the middle of the road. She easily scooped the turkey vulture into a net.

After discovering it had a broken shoulder and concussion, the bird was quickly sent via Pacific Coastal Airlines for specialized treatment at Orphaned Wildlife Rehabilitation Societyin Delta. There, the turkey vulture has acquired a reputation for laziness and waiting to be served.

Turkey vultures fly with what looks like a tipping, unsteady flight, holding their wings above horizontal. This allows them to spot a dead animal from miles away.

Their claws are not adapted for seizing prey, however, their strong, hooked bills are specially formed for tearing flesh.

Having missed its fall migration, this turkey vulture might have to be kept over winter until next spring when its flock returns.