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Robin sobers up at PROWLS

Drunken robin

Watching a robin stagger about and repeatedly fall over on his lawn, a homeowner called PROWLS president Merrilee Prior for help.

Upon arrival, Merrilee, seeing the ripe and fermenting pyracantha berries in abundance in the yard, quickly diagnosed drunkenness. This robin had eaten way too many berries.

She quickly brought the robin, who was definitely over its limit, back to PROWLS to sober up. With much drunken singing, by the next day it obviously had a headache and also, a strange respiratory cough mixed in with sighing and groaning.

She liked the dark and sat with her eyes closed. After the hangover symptoms disappeared, the sharp little cough remained. She was given an anti-parasitic drug for respiratory mites and parasites. No change.

After being placed outside with other recovering robins for encouragement, there was still no change. Moved back inside, she began a course of antibiotics.

After being at PROWLS for over a month, she was seemingly active and healthy except for this audible coughing problem, which was slowly diminishing but not yet disappearing.

Finally she moved out to the large flight cage and was thrilled. Flying about, eating well and sitting on the high perch to watch the activity outside, she was soon released after a long stay of almost two months.

The magic of time, attention and knowledge; all are essential!