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Snow geese rest up at Powell River Orphaned Wildlife Society

Snow goose

JEWELLERY IN THE SKY: A wobbling string of beads high in the sky, a wistful, honking cry.

These are the snow geese, flying the migratory path to Reifel Island in Delta.

They arrive in the Aleutian Islands in mid-June, lay their eggs and raise their young in the short summer.

When they fly south in October, the young ones are only four to five months old.

There is a high mortality rate at this time. Many drop out of the sky, exhausted and spent.

Powell River Orphaned Wildlife Society has had many calls for these lovely birds.

The one above and others join us for some rest and relaxation, and good food.

Now building up strength and stamina, if their flock has moved on when they are ready to leave, they will be flown to Delta to rejoin them.