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Western warblers mature at PROWLS

Western warblers

Recognized as a western warbler species since 1973, these two little nestlings were found at age 10 days by a woman walking her dog.

The audubon’s warblers, or yellow-rumped warblers, were sitting in the middle of Lytton Avenue.

She moved them to the side of the road, took her dog home and returned with a box; they had not moved.

Although a western species, they are not common in the Powell River area, preferring more dense, coniferous surroundings.

Except for the  yellow patches on the crown, chest and flank, these small birds are difficult to spot.

With no yellow identification patches, these wee nestlings were just tiny greyish little objects pretty similar to granite rocks. The fact that they were spotted is amazing.

They matured well at Powell River Orphaned Wildlife Society and will hopefully join up with a “bouquet” of other warblers by the end of August, then endeavour to make their way possibly as far south as Honduras.