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Baby dove grows up at PROWLS

Eurasian collared-dov

DAZED DOVE: Found sitting on the grass near Mowat Bay, quite likely blown out of its nest by big winds, this baby Eurasian collared-dove was a bit dazed by its new circumstances. Its white tail feathers weren’t even open yet but still in their sheath.

Cold and hungry, picked up by the homeowners and brought to PROWLS president Merrilee Prior, it settled into a cozy hand-crocheted nest. These high quality nests are made by Wildlife Rescue Nests volunteers, who send them out to rehabilitation centres.

Now warmed up, it was hungry. Fed a special formula for seedeaters by syringe, it soon had a full belly and clambered up on the side of the nest, looking contently around at the new surroundings.

Learning quickly to drink the formula on its own, it then moved on to dove seed mix. It was remarkably peaceful.

After a week it was placed outside in the flight cage and snuggled up to a pigeon in a puddle. Merrilee decided it was still too soon and brought it in back inside.

After three weeks, when it should have been flying from the nest, it moved out into the enclosed front porch with five little birds that had been there over the winter. It sat between the heater and its food dish, taking another three and a half weeks to start flying.

Then it was again moved outside with other birds and finally decided to grow up. It was released where it was picked up, so it could find its family again.