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Barn swallows recover from infection at PROWLS

Barn swallow

MOSQUITO MAGNETS: Federally listed as “threatened” and provincially listed as “of special concern,” the number of returning barn swallows is dropping annually. We need these lovely little migrants.

Their diet is largely our most reviled insect: the mosquito. If food is plentiful, they will raise two broods of chicks.

These fledglings were infested with parasites and in a weakened state, and one kept falling out of the nest.

Upon inspection of the nest, one had already died. Had they not been rescued and taken to Powell River Orphaned Wildlife Society, it is likely they all would have died of infection.

Their Pacific flyway route is long. When they depart Powell River, their migratory destination is Mexico and Costa Rica.

Pesticides, cats, habitat loss and speeding traffic near waterways and verges are four great contributors to the population drop of barn swallows. All are within the power of humans to correct.