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PROWLS helps barn swallow reunite with family

Barn swallow

CHIRPY REUNION: Found by the Shinglemill in Townsite, a fledgling barn swallow had left the nest but was sitting quietly on the porch, not quite ready to fly.

Possibly having second thoughts about their decision to encourage its departure, the adult parents were dive-bombing it, trying to get the youngster moving, without success. This was being closely watched by three siblings still in the nest.

Passersby picked up this still stationary fledgling barn swallow before a dog did.

After three days at Powell River Orphaned Wildlife Society, it was ready to fly. Returned to the Shinglemill, with the cage pointed toward three newly fledged barn swallows, probably the siblings, it began chirping loudly before it could even see anything.

The adults returned, dive-bombing PROWLS president Merrilee Prior to rescue the youngster from the human. It hopped out, onto the side of the cage, and launched, disappearing into the trees up the hill, with the two adults close behind.

Excited chirping followed all around.