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Bewildered bird bounces back at PROWLS

Northern pygmy owl

This mature male northern pygmy owl was found standing dazed and confused on the corner of Marine Avenue in front of Wind Spirit Gallery while four concerned Powell River residents stood in a protective line ensuring he did not fly back into traffic.

As it was early in the afternoon, he was probably the victim of a windshield concussion.

This small owl, which grows to the size of a large sparrow, is a daytime hunter and would have been single-mindedly trying to pick off a downtown sparrow for lunch when he collided with a vehicle (another good reason why we need to drive our vehicles without distractions).

Many predators and prey, oblivious to traffic as they hunt or attempt to escape their pursuer, are hit by vehicles.

However, these little owls live among us, particularly during colder temperatures when they keep their eyes on bird feeders, because there is an abundant supply of their seeds for winter nourishment.

Northern pygmy owls can be frequently spotted perched in trees at eye level.

It is somewhat disconcerting to look over your shoulder and notice you are being sharply observed by one of these little fierce-looking owls.