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Pygmy owl recovers quickly after collision with vehicle

Northern pygmy owl

While in flight with prey locked in her talons, this mature female Pygmy owl was hit by a car.

The next motorist saw her lying in the middle of the highway in Wildwood, and after directing traffic around the concussed owl, scooped it up. It was then the driver saw the owl’s prey laying a few feet away on the side of the road.

With predator and prey both injured in her lap, the driver contacted Powell River Orphaned Wildlife Society and drove into Townsite to drop them off. Both were treated with painkillers and put in quiet, dark boxes for further observation.

The recovered owl was released five days later in the forest in Wildwood during a brisk, sunny afternoon.

A full-grown Pygmy owl stands a little over a human-sized finger in height. They hunt in the daylight by sitting quietly and surprising their prey. Contributed photo