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Fox sparrows receive treatment at PROWLS

Fox sparrow

RESTLESS SPARROW: There has been an abundance of fox sparrows at Powell River Orphaned Wildlife Society, all victims of cat attacks. Many of these would be nestlings from spring who survived that dangerous time when cats were fierce with spring fever.

Now those same birds have to survive the intensity of the hunt brought on by the cooling winter nights. They are particularly vulnerable because they spend so much time foraging on leaf litter and bare ground.

One was being particularly difficult, endlessly restless, flying back and forth from one end of the cage to the other.

When placed with the others, its restless flying upset them. When alone it still would not settle down, even at night.

Because they are victims of cat attacks, fox sparrows require an antibiotic treatment. As with humans, once the treatment has begun, it must be taken for 10 days to be effective.

Who was happiest when this little one was released?