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PROWLS gives raven time to heal

Common raven

CAUTIOUS RAVEN: Likely hit by a car, with a broken wing and sheltering in a garage for several days, this fledgling raven was hiding from raccoons and dogs and had become very afraid.

Back at Powell River Orphaned Wildlife Society (PROWLS), her wing wrapped and given a good diet, she became stronger; her curiosity and courage also returned.

She was moved to the large flight enclosure to get her flying again. There she was joined by another raven slightly younger.

The two were flying well and taken out for release, but when this cautious raven quickly sought shelter in a shed rather than freedom, she was caught again and returned to the flight enclosure. This time she was on her own with no need to share food and space.

Two weeks later, she was visibly stronger and larger. The local ravens came to visit, calling her to come out and explore.

Finally, PROWLS president Merrilee Prior left the door of her enclosure open during the day to encourage her to leave when ready. It was closed at night to keep varmints out.

First she would come out just as far as the door and settle there. When ready, she left for the final time and is now seen calmly hanging out in the neighbourhood.

Ravens are definitely clever, an intriguing mix of both playful and dangerous. They are fascinating patients.