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PROWLS releases barred owl

Barred owl release

GONE IN A FLASH: This adult barred owl, possibly out hunting all kinds of small animals and even fish to feed the nestlings, was hit by a car at night on the highway by Pebble Beach. It was placed in a small kennel and brought to Powell River Orphaned Wildlife Society at midnight.

Diagnosed with a severe head and shoulder injury but no open wounds, it was fed a couple of mice and put on a Pacific Coastal Airlines flight the next day. Orphaned Wildlife Rehabilitation Society in Delta kept him for six weeks of care and exercise.

Once again able to safely fly, he returned to Powell River eager for release. It was also when the wind and rain recently arrived, not conducive to a safe release.

When the weather cleared he was returned in the evening to the Bradford Road area, where the woods are thicker. Pushing hard against the door of his release kennel, he squeezed out before the door was fully open. Already lifting his large wings he was quickly airborne and gone in a flash.

Their classic barking call sounds like “Who cooks for you?” and can be mistaken for a dog. They require large dead trees for nest sites and are often used as an indicator species for managing old forests.