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PROWLS sends injured eagle to facility in Delta

Bald eagle

The eagles started early this year. As mating season approaches, territorial battles begin over established nests and private eagle property.

These fights are ferocious, often with the loser badly injured or dead. This old male was definitely the loser, and hit the ground hard, but he still made us run to catch him. He had a number of punctures, his wing was broken in two places and his shoulder was injured.

The owl was shipped off to Orphaned Wildlife Rehabilitation Society (OWL) in Delta in under two hours to make sure it had the best chance possible. After a period of cage rest, he received physiotherapy and, when he starting to use the wing, was moved into a flight cage. He made a rapid recovery and came back to defend his nest and his mate.

What makes this eagle extra interesting is that two years ago, Powell River Orphaned Wildlife Society had one of its eaglets (fell from nest). She was about four weeks old and completely helpless when sent to OWL to be fostered by an adult eagle.

Two weeks later, we got his mate, and the eaglet’s mother. She had a broken wing and had been down for more than a day when we picked her up. While she was on the ground, her mate brought her food; her crop was bulging.

The young eagle and her mother came back at the same time for release. We hope this one gets a warm welcome on his return.