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Raven nestling receives helping hand from good samaritan in Powell River

Raven nestling

Possibly 10 days old, this nestling raven barely survived a fall from its nest high up in an old fir tree.

A concerned woman walking by the old Cranberry Elementary School saw the youngster flapping around on the ground with two parents anxiously hovering close by and alerted Powell River Orphaned Wildlife Society (PROWLS).

They dived bombed and raucously swore at society founder Merrilee Prior as she came to the rescue and scooped up the young bird.

With feathers still forming and eyes bright and baby blue, the precocious looking chick had broken a leg and had sustained internal injuries.

Unable to keep its food down, and with blood in its stool, the obvious remedy was to switch to a chicken broth and a fluids-only diet. It is what any mother would do, right?

Once the bird was able to switch back to a regular omnivorous diet, the youngster was flown to North Island Wildlife Recovery Centre in Errington.

PROWLS has guardian angels who own helicopters and airplanes and fly injured and recovering wildlife to rehabilitation shelters. BC Ferries and Pacific Coastal Airlines also help out.

People meet ferries and airplanes to pick up injured wildlife and good samaritans scoop them up or call PROWLS for help.

With wildlife under siege throughout our planet, compassion and mindfulness are key.