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Raven recovers from bird battle and hypothermia


This young raven was rescued in Lang Bay, south of Powell River, and was clearly the loser in a turf war against a pair of adult birds.

A resident of the area heard the loud raucous among the ravens and found the youngster spread-eagled in an icy ditch.

They put the bird on a blanket in a kennel and called Powell River Orphaned Wildlife Society.

The raven was in an advanced state of hypothermia upon arrival and close to death.

It took 10 minutes under a hair dryer before it started shivering, then another 15 minutes under the heat for it to stop.

As the dryer targeted body areas, the smart bird kept repositioning so it had maximum exposure to that area.

Finally, the raven was placed in a kennel with a heat lamp. It took another two hours for the young bird to sit upright and move away from the direct heat.

The raven has slowly regained weight and strength, but will spend an extra spell of time at Wild Animal Rehabilitation Centre in Victoria in order to fully recover so it can be returned to the wild.