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Ravens bond at PROWLS

Common ravens

RAVEN RELEASE: The first raven arrived in October 2018. Rescued in Tla’amin Nation, where it was found weak and starving, he still had enough fear to lead Powell River Orphaned Wildlife Society president Merrilee Prior on a grand chase around the outside of a house. She discovered it had lesions on its eyes and ankles, which was avian pox; the prognosis was not good.

Many ravens at that time were similarly infected. With intense, specialized care, and good fortune, this one recovered. However, it still had a weak wing, which made flight and release impossible.

Physiotherapy and many attempts to encourage flight were not enough to strengthen the wing. Fortunately, a large indoor flight space on Cranberry Lake was made available to PROWLS and this raven, now called Beauty, moved in at six months old. He was chased about and the wing began to get stronger.

In late April, 2019, a nestling raven arrived, found at the side of the road south of Powell River. After two weeks, he was standing, walking and very friendly, too friendly for a wild bird. Named Edgar and taken to the large flight cage to hang out with Beauty, it was a perfect situation for both to continue recovering. Beauty needed the input of another raven.

They squabbled and challenged each other to do more and more. Their vocalizing called in the neighbourhood ravens, who frequently came down to check them out. Three months later, both were ready for a soft release.

Having been in care for 10 months, Beauty needed freedom to stimulate his survival instinct. He was at the door first, but waited for Edgar, and the two lost no time in getting far enough away that we could not have caught them if we wanted to.

They have stayed close to where they were housed and continue to hang out together. It was a grand success.