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Red-tailed hawk stuck between fences travelled from Pemberton

Red-tailed hawk

Stuck between two wire fences in Cranberry, this RED-TAILED HAWK was outraged. It was bloody and had an injured foot, beat up by its efforts to escape. Possibly it had been chasing something which had disappeared into this space. Grabbing the hawk by its feet Merrilee noticed it was banded, indicating an earlier rescue.

Two hours later it caught the last Pacific Coastal Airlines flight of the day. OWL Orphaned Wildlife Rehabilitation Society in Delta confirmed it had already spent time there in 2012. It had been rescued in Pemberton where it was eventually released after rehab.

How it made its way to Powell River is interesting to speculate. Possibly the Big Summer Fires in Pemberton in 2017 drove it to leave. It will return to Cranberry for release when it recovers.