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Travelling crow heals at PROWLS

Northwestern crow

VISITOR FROM SECHELT: A mature northwestern crow, found sitting in a backyard in Sechelt, arrived in Powell River via the Earls Cove-Saltery Bay ferry.

Having been shot with a pellet gun and with the pellet lodged in its wrist, it could no longer fly and was in a lot of pain.

While healing at Powell River Orphaned Wildlife Society, the pellet worked its way to the surface and Dr. Barnes at Westview Veterinary Hospital was able to pluck it out with forceps. RCMP members in Sechelt, investigating the illegal use of pellet guns within city limits, were very glad to get the pellet back as proof.

The crow, now able to use the full wing without obstruction, was moved from the downstairs flight cage to the outdoor flight cage in Cranberry. After a total of six weeks of healing, its flight was strong and accurate and it was ready to go.

Boarding the ferry once again and returning to its familiar backyard in Sechelt, it was quickly chatting with its extended family even before the cage door was open. Once released, it flew to the top of a cedar tree where its family gathered around it with great vocal enthusiasm. A joyous reunion!

Family ties are very important in crow society, so returning it to its territory was very important.