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Quintet of varied thrushes recover at PROWLS

Varied thrushes

NERVOUS BY NATURE: Coming down from the north when the weather gets too cold, the shy varied thrush is totally ignorant of the dangers within cities (windows, cars and cats) and very alarmed by the existence of people. Nervous by nature, they can actually die of fright.

Over a few days, five of the thrushes arrived at Powell River Orphaned Wildlife Society, all having struck windows. Severely concussed, all five recovered and wanted out by the third day, anxiously flying back and forth in their recovery cages.

After waiting for the weather to improve, they were soon released to once again sing their ethereal song: a long-trilled whistle repeated at different pitches after long pauses.

They are considered a common bird in steep decline. The varied thrush nests high up in old growth trees and only in woods not smaller than 40 acres.

Logging and forest fragmentation are taking their toll.